Lisa Mednick Powell


Arroyo Rogers EP is here!


Our record release for SINGLE WIDE will be at The Palms April 27th. We know plenty of songs so we're gonna play the whole night. Please join us and drink a whole real lot so you forget you already have the album and accidentally buy a few more. See you there.


Superbloom and Painted Ladies


Our mallow is sprouting a few red blooms too after appearing to be dead for a whole year. The desert plants are tricky that way. Just add water...


Dancing Backwards


I started with "Aragon Mill," by Si Kahn. To my surprise and delight a man seated in the back row (which was the second row) was singing along! He knew the words to "Aragon Mill." Wow.


Artifact of an Artifact


I had the studio for a week and having that sonic space in which to dream uninterrupted was a special privilege I never really have had since. My ensuing dreams were cobbled together--still dreams, mind you, but never anything like what the Artifacts sessions became.